Frequently Asked Questions

  1. How do I obtain samples of Bali window treatments?
    Visit: Order Swatches
  2. Does manufacturing apply deductions to measurements?
    • Inside Mount: Manufacturing will apply deductions to all window treatments specified as inside mount. This is done to ensure the blind or shade will fit properly inside your window opening and that it will operate correctly. The deductions applied vary by product line.
    • Outside Mount: No deductions are applied to window treatments specified as outside mount. Window treatment will be manufactured to size specifications provided.
  3. How can I order Bali window treatments?
    Where to Buy
  4. How do I clean my Bali window treatments?
    Visit: Customer Support > Care Cleaning
  5. Can the bottomrail warning label be removed?
    Please do not remove the warning label as it is mandated by the Federal Government and is not intended for removal. Additionally, removing the label may damage your blind/shade.
  6. If I am not satisfied with my blind or shade, can I exchange it?
    Please contact the original place of purchase to discuss their return policies and procedures.
  7. What if I measured my windows incorrectly and have already placed an order for Bali window treatments?
    Please contact the original place of purchase for assistance.
  8. How do I obtain replacement parts?
    Visit: Customer Support > Replacement Parts
  9. Where can I get my blind or shade repaired?
    Visit: Customer Support > Warranty
  10. I am an architectural firm, how do I obtain samples/sample blinds or find out more about Bali's commercial offering?
    Please visit to locate a Field Sales Representative for your area.
  11. Does Springs Window Fashions manufacture any brands other than Bali?
    Yes, Springs Window Fashions family of brands includes Bali and Graber window treatments. To find out more visit
  12. Promotion Policy
    All promotions shall expire at 11:59 p.m. Eastern Standard Time on the last date of the promotion.
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